Monday, November 29, 2010

Feature Story: Missouri's Trucking Industry

Missouri has a large trucking industry and part of that has to do with its geographical location to major shipping and manufacturing sites. According to some, the trucking industry can be see as a leading indicator of the direction the economy is heading. There are some new trucking regulations hitting the industry tomorrow (Nov. 30th) so I did an in-depth story for KOMU looking into how the new rules (called the Comprehensive Safety Analysis or CSA) will affect Missouri's industry.

My television story is above and my webstory can be found here. It ran on Thanksgiving Day, a little less than a week before the new rules go into effect. I enjoyed getting to do this story because I spent some time with the material and found the best way to present it to the public. I also had time to establish a firm basis of knowledge and really come to understand what I was writing about (and I started with almost no knowledge of the trucking industry!). I learned that while I don't enjoy day-turn stories, I did like this long-form reporting and producing.