Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

First Breaking News and Live Shot Experience

I was on my way to talk to people in Columbia's parks about how they celebrate Labor Day. I got a call from the station and was told to go to the scene of a shooting in Columbia. I had to quickly recall everything I'd learned about shooting breaking news. I got as many shots of the scene and police as possible. Then I started talking to the neighbors that were hanging around. Many of them refused to even let me ask them what they saw happen. The ones who would say something couldn't be convinced to go on camera. I waited about 2.5 hours for the Columbia Police Department's Crime Scene/Forensics Team to show up and then left. The body of the man who was killed was still in the apartment. The station said we would not use that video so I did not need to stay to get it.

There was a press conference at 3:30 p.m. and another reporter went to get the details on the shooting while I put together my live shot. I have never gone on during the newscast live so I was so nervous! When I got back to the scene of the crime, all the neighbors were still camped outside, but had brought out their lawn chairs. They watched as I did my live shot and were still hanging out as I was leaving after my live shot.

I had to tie back my hair because it was so windy it kept blowing into my face! It was exciting to do the live shot but so nerve-wracking! I knew I knew the information so I went with it and did my best!

**UPDATE: I was excited to learn today (9/10/10) that part of my live shot from this story was used in a KOMU-8 promotion that aired during the TODAY show!! The promotion used clips from the latest, important stories to entice viewers to watch our nightly newscasts.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Library To Go Program

Daniel Boone Regional Library launched their "Library To Go" pilot program near Hallsville on Monday, August 30th (link). Patrons in Northern Boone County can reserve library books and materials online or over the phone. The items will be placed in a system of lockers at Ed's Quik Stop. The locker opens with the patron's library card. The library is looking to expand to Holts Summit but needs a location.

My b-roll would have been better if more patrons with reserved library books had been present at the ribbon cutting ceremony. It would have given me more opportunities to take video of the lockers being used.

I learned the value of a light during this reporting shift. The gas station where I shot most of my video is a dark location. The light helped brighten up the general b-roll shots. But when the light was used in a close-up shot, it turned the shot a light blue-ish color. It is an LED light so it has a blue tinge already. When it hit the semi-reflective surface of a DVD case, the case glowed a little blue. The light made Kathy Casey's shot seem a little blue, too. If I had known this when I was shooting, I would have only turned on one ring of lights instead of the two rows.

This reporting shift was out of the ordinary too because a girl was shadowing me. I showed her the ropes of how to go about a reporting shift and gave her some tips that I learned the hard way. She seemed to absorb everything I was telling her and was generally excited about reporting. I am excited to see what she does during her shifts. There are so many short cuts and details that I now automatically do. Having to slow down and explain every little detail really made me realize how much I learned in Broadcast 2 this summer.